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  "Amethyst Sun" necklace
amazing amethyst center piece, briolettes and beads, clear quartz, Paua shell, Sterling silver.
beautiful shortest row 18".
Hand-made, one-of-a-kind.

Amethyst is a wonderful healing stone.
It enhances meditation and promotes psychic abilities.
It can be used to alleviate stress, insomnia, addictions, emotional imbalances and in promoting inner peace.
It increases confidence, self-esteem, courage and willpower.
It is uselful for migraines, neck and back pain, hangovers and protects against psychic attacks.
Excellent for meditation, dreamwork and past life work.

Your pendant will be charged with spiritual energies to enhance your connection with the Divine and help you receive Guidance.
I will also charged it with prosperity energy to bring more abundance in your life
Item #10070002

Price: $195.00  Sale price $102

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  "Beautiful Turquoise" 18" necklace, 1" earrings
green turquoise, FW pearls, SS beads & toggle clasp, nice for meditation & emotional balance Item #10070004

Price $140.00 

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  "blue & pink angel" 17" very loving
blue chalcedony, rose quartz, Venetian beads, pearls, Vermeil. Matching earrings under "earrings" Item #10070005

Price $120.00 

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  "Chakra Necklace" for chakra balancing 18 1/2 "
Stones are specific to each chakra, set in SS. Item #10070007

Price: $49.00  Sale price $39.99

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  "Divine Purple" 20" in SS
Magnificent necklace. Charoite and lavender jade for spiritual growth/meditation. SS toggle clasp Item #10070009

Price $120 

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  "Georgeous Rose" 17 1/2" smallest row
Very attractive, opalite, FW pearls, Swaroski, Clear quartz, lampwork, SS beads and toggle clasp.

OPALITE  is excellent for removing energy blockages of the chakras and the meridians. It is thought to support emotional strength and the ability to finish things. 
Opalite is very helpful on the emotional level as it assists one through changes and transitions of all kinds. Opalite is also thought to be beneficial in the success of business. In crystal healing, Opalite is thought to boost the sex drive and enhance sexual experience. It is used as an all-around healing stone

Item #10070010

Price: $210.00  Sale price $200.00

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  "Heart of Nature"
Outstanding necklace to attract and radiate loving energy; cherry quartz, opalite, blue topaz, set in sterling silver.

Opalite is excellent for removing energy blockages of the chakras and the meridians. It is thought to support emotional strength and the ability to finish things. It is also sued to support taking through ones deepest feelings. Opalite is very helpful on the emotional level as it assists one through changes and transitions of all kinds. Opalite is also thought to be beneficial in the success of business. In crystal healing, Opalite is thought to boost the sex drive and enhance sexual experience. It is used as an all-around healing stone

14 1/2" smallest row
Item #10070011

Price: $210  Sale price $199

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  "Heart of the garden" shortest L is 16"
very unique, made of opalite, jade, rose quartz, blue topaz, sterling silver Item #10070012

Price $245.00 

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  "Lapis beauty" , double row, shortest is 17"
genuine lapis lazuli, turquoise, vermeil and gold filled beads, chain and toggle clasp Item #10070015

Price: $210.00  Sale price $199

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  "Opal Garden", double row, shortest is 17
incredible one of a kind, made of opalite, jade, blue topaz, peridot, FW pearls, crystals, SS Item #10070017

Price $230.00 

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  "Opal Leaves" love, relationships
pink opals, dendritic opal focal, FW pearls, SS, toggle clasp; psychic & mystical qualities, fosters love, passion, faithfulness, positive relationships
shortest row 17"
Item #10070018

Price: $210.00  Sale price $199

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  "Pink Flowers" 18" necklace, loving
pink jade, MOP, FW pearls, Swaroski crystal, clear & rose quartz, silver beads & toggle clasp

Please find the matching earrings in the "healing jewelry- earrings" section
Item #10070019

Price: $85.00  Sale price $60

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  "Pretty Pink" 18" coral-jade necklace,1 1/2" earrings
pink coral, MOP, jade, Swaroski crystals, Sterling Silver,
neckace and matching earrings.
Charged with love and heart healing energies
Item #10070020

Price: $125.00  Sale price $45

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  "Purple Sparkles" triple row shortest 16"
very sophisticated; amethyst, dichroid beads & focal, jade, FW pearls, lampwork beads, SS Item #10070022

Price: $240.00  Sale price $169.95

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  "Ruby World" elegant and precious, 18"
genuine ruby in zoicite, ruby, emerald, amethyst, jade, SS beads, FW pearls, SS chain & toggle clasp Item #10070023

Price $250.00 

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  "Tropical Vision" 17", focal piece: 2 1/4"
natural coral, Pietersite focal, SS beads and toggle clasp. Great for meditation & hormonal balance Item #10070024

Price: $69.00  Sale price $49

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  "Turquoise Garden" 17" necklace, 1 1/2" earrings
Beautiful green turquoise, jade, FW pearls, 14K GF, toggle clasp, GF lever back earrings, $ 155 Item #10070025

Price $155.00 

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  "Victorian Touch" 18", SS, Romantic look
Azurite-malachite, lapis, rhodonite, FW pearls, lampwork and czech beads, SS toggle clasp Item #10070026

Price: $68.00  Sale price $49

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  "Yellow Prosperity" good luck
yellow fire opal with amethyst focal, amethyst, citrine, FW pearls, coral, millefiori, crystals, SS
Yellow fire opal is a prosperity stone and the necklace is blessed with prosperity and happiness energies
Item #10070028

Price $140.00 

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  Amazing Moonstone and Kyanite silver necklace
Rare Moonstone & Kyanite sterling silver necklace, adjustable lenght.
Wonderful energies.
Reiki charged

Item #100700402

Price $120.00 

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  Amber and shells prosperity necklace, also anti-depressant
Natural amber and shells.
14 K Gold filled clasp, vermeil beads, 17 1/2"
Item #10070014

Price $120.00 

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  Beautiful flower jade necklace
pink and white jade necklace. Blessed for luck, love and prosperity Item #100700401

Price $50.00 

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  Beautiful millefiori necklace

Beautiful millefiori flowers pendant and beads
Blessed with happy energy and good luck.

Item #10070036

Price $37.00 

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  Beautiful protective black tourmaline necklace
Black tourmaline is the best protective stone. In this necklace, it is enhanced with tourmalinated and clear quartz as well as black onyx.
Also great for balancing the root chakra
Charged with angelic energies for good health and protection.
Item #101

Price $42 

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  Black tourmaline center piece with black onyx- great protection

GENUINE BLACK TOURMALINE center piece with black onyx set in copper.
VERY PROTECTIVE against negative energies, alignment with higher powers.

Item #10070016

Price $95.00 

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  Blue Angel necklace
Celestitie angel stone necklace.
Reiki charged and angels blessed
Item #10070230

Price $120.00 

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  Bronze leaves unique design necklace
Stand out by wearing this unique antiquated bronze necklace.
Reiki charged
Item #1007301

Price $39.00 

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  Citrine silver prosperity necklace
Attractive yellow necklace.
reiki charged,
blessed with prosperity energy
Item #1007004115

Price $35.00 

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  Classy little hearts silver necklace
Very classy look for this sterling silver 18" necklace with shiny luster.
Blessed with loving angelic energy.
Item #10070013

Price $38.00 

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  Cute garnet silver necklace
Genuine garnet
Charged with good luck and good health energies
Item #100700406

Price $26.00 

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  Delicate Bronze and crystals pretty necklace
Beautiful hand-made necklace antiquated bronze and swaroski crystals.
Angels blessed
Item #100299

Price $39.00 

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  Exquisite orange shell and pearls necklace
Delightful and affordable one of a kind design for this charming necklace charged with reiki healing and angelic loving and warm to the heart energy Item #10070157

Price $38.00 

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  gemstone V shape necklace - various stones available
14 1/2" adjustable lenght sterling silver necklace.

We also have the same design with blue chalcedony, tiger's eye and rose quartz
Item #10070032

select stone

Price $26.00 

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  Gemstones 18 stone- sterling silver necklace, double row
18" sterling silver. Malachite (heart healing stone)

Please select the appropriate stone if you wish to order the same design but with other stones:
other choices are : garnet, rose quarz, tiger's eye and blue chalcedony
(please visit the Healing Jewelry- necklace gallery for pictures)
Item #10070030

please choose your stone

Price $35.00 

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  Genuine Akoya sea water pearl necklace
Beautiful colors for this genuine gorgeous Akoya sea water pearls necklace
Fully energy-charged and blessed
Item #10070218

Price $55.00 

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  Hamsa protective pendant and good luck charm

sterling silver opal pendant and sterling silver chain, comes with 18 or 20"
Protects against the "evil eye", negative energies and promotes good luck.
This is a small, about 0.5" pendant
Limited quantity. Please check also our evil eye beautiful bracelets.

Item #10070027

Choose chain length

Price $22.00 

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  Healing Turquoise silver necklace
Very beautiful blue color
Angless Blessed
Reiki charged
Item #1007823

Price $31.50 

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  Hearts and keys sterling silver necklace- emotional healing

Pretty and very special loving sterling silver necklace. 18"
Attuned to heart healing, love and prosperity

Item #10070031

Price $38.00 

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  Magnificent "Purple Butterfly" necklace
Fluorite, rose quartz, sterling silver. 
For balanced relationships, clearing of negativity, spiritual growth.
Fluorite elevates intuition and mental achievement, promotes psychic and spiritual growth, eliminates negativity.
shortest lenght: 16"
Item #10070033

Price $220.00 

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  One of a kind amethyst and jade flower neckace
Unique design hand-made.
Blessed with wonderful spiritual and prosperity, good luck energie
Item #1007004116

Price $48.00 

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  Pink flower and leaves gorgeous necklace
One of a kind beautiful design. Almost 18"
Rose quartz for loving energies, also Swaroski crystals, toggle silver clasp.
Energy charged for love and happiness
Item #100700111

Price $85.00 

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  Pretty blue throat chakra necklace
Blue chalcedony, sodalite, opalite beautiful necklace.
Enhances your communication skills and throat chakra health.
Reiki charged and blessed
Item #103

Price $36.00 

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Green and candy jade  sterling silver beautiful necklace.
Energy charged for prospertiy and good luck
Angels Blessings with loving energy

Price $52.00 

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  Real pearls and beautiful pink CZ neckalce
Beautiful pearl necklace with a stunning pink CZ centerpiece.

Specially blessed to attract more love and luck in your life.
Item #10070008

Price: $59.00  Sale price $49.00

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  Silver beads necklace and bracelet set

very classy grapes-like sterling silver beads necklace and bracelet set
necklace is 18" and bracelet 7.5", highly polished to a beautiful luster.

Item #10070006

Price: $45.00  Sale price $35.00

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  Special blister pearl center piece- good luck
One-of-a-kind pearls necklace.
Handmade with FW pearls, blister MOP pendant, agate, sterling silver.
this special blister pearls will bring the wearer good luck and peace.
Item #10070001

Price $40.00 

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  step gemstone sterling silver necklace
19" adjustable length, black onyx or garnet sterling silver necklace Item #10070221

select stone

Price $35.00