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Pure oils for increasing abundance/prosperity in your life,
charged with powerful energy
Item #10070198

Price $54.95 

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  Beauty Enhancer- magical aromatherapy formula
Start feeling beautiful and attractive Item #10070165

Price $28.95 

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  Cash Flow - magical aromatherapy formula

Attract a regular flow of cash.
Annoy bills with the oil or wear the oil

Item #10070167


Price $46.95 

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  Healing - magical aromatherapy formula
Promotes healing. Great for yourself or use on your patients if you are a practitioner of the healing arts. I personally like to annoint my patient's forehead at the beginning of the therapy session. Item #10070169

Price $32.95 

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Item #10070211

Price $54.95 

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  Magical Energy

Use for your magical work, rituals. Great also for manifestation : breathe it while meditating and focusing on your desire

Item #10070171

Price $29.95 

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  Power oil- magical aromatherapy formula
Item #10070175

Price $39.95 

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  Protection - magical aromatherapy formula
protect yourself from all forms of negative energies as well as infortunate events such as accidents Item #10070177

Price $29.95 

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  Psychic Awareness - magical aromatherapy formula
Perfect for psychic work, improving your intuition Item #10070173

Price $31.95 

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  Purification - magical aromatherapy formula
Item #10070179

Price $28.95 

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  Spirituality oil - magical aromatherapy formula
Raise your vibrations to accept more spiritual energy and speed up your spiritual development Item #10070183

Price $33.95 

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  Success oil - magical aromatherapy formula
do you need success in your carrier, in your relationships? Use this oil every day and focus on attracting what you desire. Item #10070181

Price $35.95