Distance HEALING


Often people are relunctant to accept the fact that healing can be totally efficient when sent from far away, without being face-to-face with the healer. This is because it is not really known how long distance works.

To our knowledge, Qi/Chi, being the universal life force, energy, can be sent over long distances the same way radiowaves or solar radiations are.  Moreover, if you believe in the power of prayer, then you can easily imagine that any other form of distance healing would work the same way.

Because all beings in the Universe are connected somehow energetically, we can transmit to and receive other people's energies, similarly to listening to someone's voice and speaking on the phone, just by being on the same "line" or wavelength/frequency.  This is the  way Dr Gadesaud works during her distance healing sessions. She has the ability to connect to her patients' energy and body. Using her natural MEDICAL INTUITIVE abilities to scan, see and perceive what is wrong from the molecular to the organ and subtle energetic level. Negative patterns and blockages are removed and imbalances corrected. Very often the person receiving the healing will feel something immediately or the day after.

In her long distance work, Dr Gadesaud ues remote viewing, various energy medicine techniques as well as Angel therapy and her own quantum DNA therapy.  She has treated successfully painful and other acute or chronic conditions, often resilient to conventional medicine, in people and animals in the USA and other parts of the world. This includes treating human beings and pets with cancer.

We need you to send us a picture of the person or pet who needs treatment or an evaluation, along with a few words about your concerns and expectations. We then agree on a date and time when the patient will be able to relax in order to perform the healing.  The session is one hour long and you receive a full report of it afterward, over the phone or email if your prefer.

Please call us at 856 649 8784 or email us for additional information or to set up a session.
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